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As a team we blend lived experience with expertise in frontline work, commissioning, policy and research


Our experience spans mental health, drug treatment, homelessness & housing, health & social care, policing, community safety, welfare, families, employment, and criminal justice.

Pavan Dhaliwal

Chief Executive

Pavan is our Chief Executive. She is an equalities and human rights expert and has worked across sectors for over 15 years from grassroots community organising to high level advocacy in the UK and internationally. She has a special interest in criminal justice, education and women’s sexual and reproductive health rights. Most recently she led the Corporate Affairs directorate at MHA, the largest elderly social care provider in the UK, including the Covid-19 management response. Prior to this she was Director of Public Affairs and Policy at the British Humanist Association and Vice President of the European Humanist Federation working on areas as varied as secularism, social cohesion, LGBT rights, women’s sexual and reproductive health rights and assisted dying. 

She started her career in social justice and race equality organisations the 1990 Trust and Race on the Agenda. She was a founding member of the UK/US collaborative initiative Equanomics UK and was a trustee of CRJ UK, a charity working to tackle disproportionality in the criminal justice system. She is currently on the board of the Public Law Project. 

Spending more time indoors due to Covid-19 has led to a welcome reigniting of a passion for reading fiction and her top recommendation for 2020 is ‘On earth we’re briefly gorgeous’ by Ocean Vuong. 

"Revolving Doors has pioneered approaches which have led to fundamental changes in the approach towards the people who were trapped in the cycle of the revolving door and deemed ‘invisible’ and ‘hard to reach’ by the agencies set up to serve them. RDA has done this by demonstrating the power of engaging individuals in the system to have a voice in the system itself and on its design. This has been an extraordinary development over the past decade. The institutional and systemic faults that prevent people from realising their full potential away from the cycle of crisis and crime remain, but there is a real opportunity to drive change. The pandemic has bought into sharper focus a number of fundamental issues we have at the core of our society and public policy, and vitally, an opportunity to address them. We need brave, humane and evidence based solutions which address the issues that lead to people coming into contact with the the criminal justice system to ensuring that those who are in the system are given the help they need.” 

Katy Savage

Head of Partnerships

Katy is our Head of Partnerships. She was previously with Nacro where she managed the Offender Health Collaborative of which Revolving Doors is a key partner. She learned her project management skills at UNESCO in Paris where for over a decade she worked on programmes from open technologies for education to HIV and health education. She then returned to the UK the long way round, completing a circumnavigation in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race. This hasn’t cured her of the sailing bug – her best weekends are those spent on the water.

“One of the most rewarding aspects of my work with the Revolving Doors Agency in my previous role was to ensure that lived experience fed into the delivery of all of our work across the Offender Health Collaborative programme. This insistence on putting the most-affected people at the heart of everything the agency does is its real point of difference in the field of multiple and complex disadvantage and the reason why the solutions it proposes are so relevant, workable and appropriate to the needs of people who often feel ignored or abandoned by the communities they live in.”

Andy WIlliams

Head of Involvement

Andy’s job is to make sure the voices and experiences of people caught in the revolving door inspire us, shape policy and set our priorities. He has worked in this type of role since 2004 primarily in the homeless, mental health and substance use sectors, including eleven years at St Mungo’s. During that time he has established lived experience employment and volunteer schemes, forums, delivered peer research projects and set up the first recovery college outside the NHS. In his spare time he plays a lot of football, supports Charlton Athletic and loves going to gigs, where he admits he’s stuck in a 90s electronica, techno, indie time warp!

“If you focus on abilities and provide opportunities, people can transform their lives. Involvement leads to a more creative way of working and I’m excited by the potential of peer support to empower people. I’ve seen the idea of involvement evolve from something tokenistic or ‘too difficult’ to an exciting time where those with lived experience are genuinely setting the agenda and shaping services. There’s still more to achieve ─ we’re only beginning to understand the true impact of this approach.”

Sean Mullen

Involvement Manager

Sean Comes to us with over twenty years’ experience in Adult Education and Higher Education, as well as working as a supply teacher in Secondary schools in Birmingham.
For many years Sean worked in a residential adult education college, working with many people coming from Multiple disadvantaged backgrounds, supporting their journeys back into learning and supporting them back into the world of work or their journey onto Higher education. Sean has many years of experience as a trade unionist as well as an understanding of the criminal justice system with over five years’ experience as a Magistrate. Sean has an M.A in Peace and Conflict studies which supports his interest in International Relations and a keen interest in community development.
As a trade unionist Sean is an advocate for equality of opportunity and supporting individuals to reach their full potential. A firm believer that people from diverse backgrounds can work together to achieve common goals, and through creating an environment of mutual respect, we can achieve positive social change.

"I have a great passion for social justice and supporting grass roots organisations, helping to bring to fruition the hopes, dreams and aspirations of those considered marginalised."

Lauren Bennett

Evaluations Manager

Lauren is our Evaluations Manager. She leads on our evaluation projects and aims to design and deliver high-quality research, and ensure that our evaluation findings are communicated effectively so that lessons can be learnt across the criminal justice, and other sectors. Before joining Revolving Doors, Lauren spent more than five years at Learning and Work Institute where she managed research and evaluation projects, with a particular focus on disability employment. In her spare time, Lauren enjoys watching football (especially when Spurs win), listening to podcasts and exploring new places in London and beyond.

“I am excited to join Revolving Doors because of the range of interesting and important projects I will have the opportunity to work on. I am passionate about using research to create positive change. Working at RDA provides a unique opportunity to incorporate the perspectives and skills of our lived experience team and the expertise of the policy team, to think about how our project findings can be used to have an impact within services, the wider system and society at large.”

Dr. Philip Mullen

Research Manager

As our Research Manager, Philip is responsible for developing and managing our research to support us in working towards a smarter criminal justice system where the revolving door is both avoidable and escapable. He is particularly passionate about co-production and involving those with lived experience throughout the research process wherever possible and enhancing the impact of research, both in terms of policy development and for those with lived experience who help to co-develop our research. Before joining Revolving Doors he managed peer research projects at Toynbee Hall, supporting and training diverse groups of people with lived experience to co-design, conduct, analyse, and present timely and ethical research for a range of audiences. His academic background includes a PhD at Newcastle University which explored the diverse care needs of homeless young people using a Participatory Action Research (PAR) approach and undergraduate teaching experience.

“I am excited to join Revolving Doors because of the exciting opportunities to co-develop research alongside those with lived experience of the criminal justice system. I really look forward to collaborating with the team and partners to further develop our approach of putting lived experience and impact at the heart of our research and to conducting research that has meaningful, lasting and impactful change for individuals, services, the wider criminal justice system, and society at large.”

Anna Henry

Interim Head of Policy

Zahra Wynne

Senior Policy Officer

Elsa Corry-Roake

Policy and Communications Officer

Anna Hamill

Involvement Manager

Lucy Woods

Senior Involvement Manager

Adanna Davis

Member Engagement Coordinator