Breaking the cycle of crisis and crime

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We champion long-term solutions for justice reform that tackle the root causes of repeat, low-level crime and support people’s journeys towards better lives.

Through amplifying the voices of those who have experienced the criminal justice system, our mission is to prevent individuals from being criminalised due to unmet health and social needs, such as poverty, homelessness, mental ill health, problems with drugs and alcohol or domestic abuse.

What we work on

Policing & diversion

We strive for fairer and improved policing, prioritising early diversion of individuals with unmet health and social needs.

Multiple disadvantage

We advocate for systems and services that provide timely and holistic support to those facing multiple, co-occuring needs.

Courts & sentencing

We campaign for equitable access to justice that supports fair and effective sentencing.


We champion probation reform for lasting change, offering individuals trapped in the revolving door the best chances to turn their lives around.

Latest Updates


Policy position: Exploring the relationship between neurodiversity and the revolving door of crisis and crime

Following the creation of our Neurodiversity Forum in 2021, Revolving Doors have been working to better understand the links with criminal justice involvement and multiple disadvantage. This position, co-produced with our lived experience members, details our findings and recommendations.

Our podcasts

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“Revolving Doors has really set the bar for how to work with people who have lived experience and make real changes to improve the criminal justice system.”

Whether you are someone who has personally navigated the criminal justice system or a passionate advocate for innovative criminal justice solutions, partner with us for change.

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