People caught in the revolving door of crisis and crime often experience multiple disadvantage. This can include poverty, homelessness, contact with the criminal justice system, mental ill health, trauma, and substance misuse. 

Through a variety of forums and programmes, Revolving Doors works with people who have lived experience of multiple disadvantage. These include Changing Futures and the National Expert Citizen’s Group (NECG), which was built on the success of Revolving Doors’ wider lived experience forums. 

Our work with people with lived experience of multiple disadvantage seeks to influence cross-departmental policy, on housing, health, criminal justice, employment, and education.

“Before I joined [Revolving Doors] I believed I was written off by the systems and society. I had no trust what so ever in either of them because of the racism and unjust inequality I had endured by both.”

Lived Experience Group Member

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Revolving Doors has a range of toolkits, research reports and policy submissions.