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“What motivates me is the knowledge that I can make a difference. No matter how small, how large to one person or a number of people.”

We are influencing…

Government officials, policy-makers, commissioners and services.

We are changing…

  • Thoughts and behaviours
  • Delivery on the ground
  • Perceptions of people in the revolving door of crisis and crime

We are partnering with…

  • Services – shaping their design and delivery
  • Policy-makers – giving evidence of policy development
  • Academics – researching gaps in the evidence base
  • Professional groups – creating systems change.

 We are having an impact…..

  • Through our lived experience forums and meetings – speaking directly to those who run services and make policies
  • Through our research – providing the evidence that underpins all our work
  • Through our policy work –  inspecting, questioning and advising on what works.
Text that reads: Design by experience

Work with us

We collaborate in all areas of our work and are always interested in hearing from new partners who support our objectives.