Learning from the Birmingham Changing Futures Together Programme

Lauren Bennett
Lauren Bennett
Head of Evidence & Impact

Revolving Doors evaluated Birmingham Changing Futures Together between 2018 and 2022, when the programme finished. These reports present learning from the evaluation around how services and systems for people experiencing multiple disadvantage can be improved, and what factors are preventing further progress.

  • The learning and impact report presents key programme lessons and considers the difference that this has made on people experiencing multiple disadvantage and the services and systems that they encounter– drawing on insights from programme staff and partners.
  • The wider activity report shows the different initiatives that have began in Birmingham during the BCFT programme period that also aim to improve outcomes for people experiencing multiple disadvantage, and how these link back to BCFT.
  • Finally, the summary report provides an overview of good practice and learning from the programme, and the next steps for the multiple disadvantage agenda in Birmingham.