Case study

Partnering to understand young people’s needs: Leading the Knowledge Network

“It’s a great step forward, please continue”

Knowledge Exchange Network member

In partnership with the Police Foundation, we launched a Knowledge Exchange Network (KEN), for 200 police and Chief inspectors across England and Wales, which shares innovative practice for young adults. Working with the Police Foundation gave us access to policing expertise enabling RD to grow our stakeholder contacts for New Generation Policing.

This is a working network with police services, criminal justice agencies and Police Commissioners contributing their distinct approach to working with young adults.  KEN brings together operational and policy expertise with a wide-ranging sector knowledge – in one space, in a context in which approaches to support young people can be debated and compared against the approaches of others. Consequently, natural partnerships develop, and practice is tested in real time with others working towards the same ends.

A survey of KEN members found that they all felt more equipped to understand the needs of young adults because of being part of the network.  Importantly, membership of KEN helped them to identify emerging good practice in other policing services which they identified as their favorite part of their experience in KEN.