In partnership with the Police Foundation, we run regular interactive and tailored networking events. These foster peer-to-peer learning, knowledge and practice exchange among policing professionals. They are open to staff from OPCCs and police services interested in collaborating and innovating.

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Good practice

The Knowledge Exchange Network focuses on bringing evidence-based good practice into the mainstream. It focuses particularly on young adults –  in areas such as:

  • procedural fairness
  • diversion schemes
  • the role of the Police in responding to trauma and inequalities
  • the improvement of community engagement mechanisms

Working together

Working together, the Police Foundation and Revolving Doors:

  • oversee coordination and facilitation of the Network
  • share research and international best practice
  • involve people with lived experience of the criminal justice system to support discussions and learning
  • share evidence and learning on a national scale

The meetings are held online every two months.

“Police professionals are already pioneering new approaches to young adults. Our hope is that by establishing this network we can provide a space in which practitioners can share ideas and learning.”

Need more info?

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