Knowledge Exchange Network: person-centred policing

The Police Foundation and Revolving Doors launched the Knowledge Exchange Network in 2020, bringing together police Inspectors and Chief Inspectors from across England and Wales to co-create new and better ways of policing young adults aged 18-25. This Network provides police with much needed peer-to-peer learning and support, recognising the wealth of knowledge and expertise among police officers. Inspectors and Chief Inspectors across police services in England and Wales will be able to share evidence and tackle difficult issues. The focus will be on upscaling evidence-based innovation and practices, and embedding it into mainstream policing.

This session explored the benefits of person-centred policing. As we have seen in previous sessions, psychosocial maturity among 18–25-year-olds can vary significantly, and slower development when unaddressed can manifest as criminal behaviour. We would therefore advocate for an extension of the child-centred policing principles outlined in this briefing to be extended to young adults.