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Revolving Doors responds to NAO finding that zero prisons rated ‘good’ at rehabilitation and resettlement planning

In response to the National Audit Office (NAO) report on prison resettlement, Pavan Dhaliwal, Chief Executive of Revolving Doors commented:

“The NAO’s finding that not a single prison has been rated “good” for rehabilitation and release planning is alarming. What is even more concerning is that this has declined from 30% of prisons receiving this rating just three years ago – things are getting worse, not better. Revolving Doors’ lived experience members consistently tell us that a decent resettlement plan is essential in supporting rehabilitation and reintegration into the community after prison. Without this, the result is often homelessness, joblessness, and spiralling mental and physical health. This sets them up to fail and perpetuates the cycle of crisis and crime. Given the cost of reoffending is estimated at around £16.7 billion per year, this is a very expensive mistake.

“For those who commit repeat, low-level crimes and end up in custody for short sentences, the reoffending rate is even higher. Today’s findings reinforce what we already know – sending someone to prison for a short period of time is ineffective and expensive. If the government is serious about reducing reoffending, then first on the list should be an end to short sentences, rather than continuing with our evidently failing prison system.”


Notes to the editor

Revolving Doors is a national charity working to break the cycle of crisis and crime. We advocate for a system that addresses the drivers of contact with the criminal justice system, including trauma, poverty and discrimination. We bring independent research, policy expertise and lived experience together to champion long-term solutions for justice reform.

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