Identifying the User Journey for the Greater Manchester Integrated Service

This research, commissioned by Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA), seeks to identify factors of success and room for improvement with the Greater Manchester Integrated Service, which supports people with unmet health and social needs involved with the criminal justice system. It offers considerable insight from staff and people using the service – with the need for trusting relationships and person-centred approaches being, for instance, unanimously shared.

The research includes many more findings and recommendations that can be relevant to other organisations supporting people with multiple needs, criminal justice involvement or difficulty engaging with traditional services.

The research shares a very insightful and honest perspective by those accessing the criminal justice system and the support they have received from the community engagement workers. The impact of this support is having a considerably positive response, in particular the person-centred approach, which over time could lead to improvement in health outcomes for people involved in the criminal justice system, and break the vicious cycle of disadvantage, offending, and prison. It highlights the important need to grow capacity for these roles to reach more people.

Lucy Sutcliffe, Non-Custodial Commissioning Manager, Greater Manchester Combined Authority