Policy position: Exploring the relationship between neurodiversity and the revolving door of crisis and crime

Since October 2021, Revolving Doors have been working with our lived experience Neurodiversity Forum to inform the development of the Ministry of Justice (MoJ)’s first Neurodiversity Action Plan, published in June 2022.

We have since expanded our work on neurodiversity, to further explore the links with criminal justice involvement and multiple disadvantage. This position has been co-produced with our lived experience members through regular consultations. It finds thats:

  1. Neurodiversity is misunderstood and misinterpreted
  2. Neurodiversity can intersect with problematic substance use
  3. Navigating the criminal justice system when neurodivergent is challenging, and
  4. Neurodiversity can exacerbate trauma.

Read our full policy position to learn more about our findings and recommendations.

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