The Knot Episode 2: Identities and multiple disadvantage

The Knot is a three-part podcast series exploring the interconnections between poverty, trauma and multiple disadvantage and how we may need to respond differently, and from multiple angles, to really address entrenched disadvantage. Each episode features conversations between academic, practitioner and lived experience contributors on these knotted issues and how we might better respond to these. This series is also supported by an accompanying essay collection, The knot – responding to poverty, trauma and multiple disadvantage.

In this second episode, hosted by Clare Runacres, we explore knots between identities and multiple disadvantage, focusing specifically on race and gender, and we are joined by Professor James Nazroo (Manchester University), Dr. Deborah Morris and Elanor Webb (St Andrews Healthcare), and Francis (Revolving Doors Lived Experience Team member).

Lankelly Chase have kindly funded these podcasts and we thank them for their continued support. We would also like to thank our contributors for taking part and Listen Entertainment for putting these podcasts together.