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Our Story

From modest beginnings to a national voice for change

Our journey began in 1993

We were driven by the need to know why one particular group of individuals was trapped in the revolving door of homelessness, crime and mental health problems. Our goal was to transform the lives of people let down by a system that was routinely failing them.

We’ve shone the light on multiple and complex needs

From being an ‘invisible’ group as late as the 1990s, those suffering multiple problems including homelessness, mental health issues, substance misuse, domestic violence, repeat victimisation and offending are now the subject of national discussion and debate. The Revolving Doors Agency is proud to have led that change.

We helped to bring about short-sentence support

Using robust evidence-based arguments we succeeded in getting support provided for prisoners being released after short sentences, where previously no help was given.

We helped make liaison and diversion services a reality

By placing mental health and other complex needs specialists in police stations and courts, offenders with mental health, learning disability or substance misuse vulnerabilities can be identified quickly. They can then be supported during their sentence or perhaps diverted into the care of a health or social care service.