New Generation Policing

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New Generation Policing is a focused project running between 2019-22 to improve policing approaches to better meet young adults’ needs, which are often driven by experiences of poverty, trauma and racism and prevent them from being caught in the revolving door. Our work is driven forward by our New Generation Campaigners and partnerships with police services and Police and Crime Commissioners. 

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New Generation Campaigners

Our New Generation Campaigners are young adults with lived experience of the criminal justice system. They campaign on issues that affect vulnerable 18-25 year olds and are calling for the police to divert young people into support instead of arresting them.

Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) 

In September 2020, we announced a strategic partnership with Public Defenders Association to promote the LEAD programme. LEAD is a pre-arrest and at-the-point of arrest diversion approach, specifically designed for people in the revolving door. The approach was developed in Seattle and has been rolled out to more than 80 police jurisdictions across America.  

In March 2022, LEAD visited the UK for two weeks to share their model and learning with our New Generation Campaigners, PCCs, MPs and senior decision-makers.

Project highlights 

During the course of the New Generation Project we’ve produced the following publications.