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The National Expert Citizens Group (NECG)

The NECG aims to improve the support available for people who experience multiple disadvantage.

The National Expert Citizens Group (NECG) is the lived experience representative group for people using services in the National Lottery Community Fund’s Fulfilling Lives programme.


Fulfilling Lives aims to create system change to improve services for people who have experienced multiple disadvantage (two or more of; homelessness, substance/alcohol dependency, mental health issues and contact with the criminal justice system).

The aim of the NECG is to ensure lived experience shapes system change and creates future services that are; co-produced, accessible and designed for people who have experienced multiple disadvantage.

Revolving Doors coordinates, facilitates and administers the NECG forums, equipping its members with the skills and opportunities to affect systems change.

Creating the NECG Strategic priorities

The NECG’s approach and priorities were developed between August and December 2019. They aim to capture the most important issues for people using Fulfilling Lives services. NECG members consulted their wider lived experience group to best ensure views are representative.