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Research Network

200 members from academia, public and voluntary sectors are working collaboratively with The Revolving Doors Agency to further our understanding of severe and multiple disadvantage

The individuals who make up The Revolving Doors group present a particular research challenge because they fall into multiple categories at the same time.

Many researchers have approached the issue from specific fields such as criminology, psychology and homelessness. Most now accept that no single field or organisation working in isolation can fully understand the complexity of The Revolving Door and its consequences. Our research network is building the clearest-ever picture of the ‘whole person’ and the total of their experiences within the repeated cycle of crisis and crime.


Learning together

Together we are identifying the gaps in our understanding and exploring new ways to help people leave their challenges behind and lead fulfilling lives.

The collective experience of over 1,000 Experts by Experience is a unique resource for our network

Those who have lived experience of the Revolving Door, including many who are still suffering the effects, are working in a unique partnership with our team to inform and often steer the body of research into their needs.

The robust evidence that their involvement provides ensures that all our collaborative works remains current, practical and relevant. By highlighting what works, we always link our research directly to the needs of real-world providers and policymakers.

All members of our research network have access to this resource though our literature and regular seminars.

Our research network is funded by The Lankelly Chase Foundation

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