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What We Want

There may be no ‘silver bullet’ but we have seen powerful evidence over and over again that meeting the full spectrum of people’s needs can yield better results

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The system will recognise that hope fuels change

Those who are determined to escape The Revolving Door will never feel that the system is stacked against them. When people come into contact with services, be they voluntary, public or private, staff will look beyond someone’s challenges to see their strengths.

Nobody will be ignored

Every person with vulnerabilities who comes into contact with the police (at home, on the street or in the police station) or in the courts will find that there is someone there who can spot their needs and make sure they’re not ignored.
Substance Misuse

Complex multiple needs will all be met simultaneously

Wherever a person lives in the country they will find services that join up to meet their personal combination of needs, not just one need in isolation. They’ll get help with alcohol problems AND mental health difficulties at the same time, for example. This is essential for their journey towards a fulfilling life.
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Providers will consider a person’s full range of problems

Wherever people in The Revolving Door group ask for help they will not be abandoned and told to find help elsewhere. There are no ‘wrong doors’. Appropriate support will be found for them no matter what point they are at in the system.

Providers will see someone’s crisis as a 24 hour-a-day issue

If people need help in the middle of the night or at weekends, someone will be there for them.

Providers will empower people who want to give something back

They will use the knowledge of Experts by Experience as a valuable resource. They will listen and act on people’s views to make changes for the better.

Across the system money must follow the individual

It’s not just a matter of what is easiest for the system to administer. Services must be incentivised to join up so that they are paid to ensure a ‘no wrong door’ approach. They must think about achieving shared outcomes such as better, more fulfilling lives with every part of the system playing its part. The temptation to ‘pass the buck’ must disappear from everyone’s thinking.
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Services are rewarded when they invest in prevention

For example, they should be able to recoup prison budget savings if they reduce crime and therefore prison numbers. Prevention is rewarded in the system – and the money flows to the right level.

Quality must be hardwired into the system

Services must embed a relational approach that is responsive to people and sees their strengths.
Service users together

Moving beyond a sticking plaster

To achieve our gold standard we need to radically transform systems and run services differently. This is about moving beyond a sticking plaster that improves one aspect of an isolated service to fundamental reform capable of transforming lives.

The next five years present huge opportunities to do things differently

Devolution, delegated authority and closer partnerships between stakeholders can all be key. We have an unmissable opportunity to re-imagine the working relationships that exist between Local Authorities, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Police and Crime Commissioners and the Police, along with other services that regularly come into contact with The Revolving Door group, such as Jobcentre Plus.

Providers must share a single goal

At The Revolving Door Agency we are building the most compelling body of evidence ever that by developing a new spirit of partnership and collaboration between all these providers, we can achieve a gold standard of service for some of the most marginalised individuals in our country. We CAN transform lives while at the same time reducing both the cost and the social impact of their offending within their communities.