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Peer research

Where appropriate, we incorporate peer research in our work.

Revolving Doors has a team of peer researchers, who have received OCN-accredited peer research training and we work with partners to train existing or previous clients in Level 2 Peer Research so they can bring their unique insights into our work.

Through providing a meaningful role, peer research opportunities offer broader benefits to individual self-development, confidence and recovery.

Shifting the research landscape: peer research

A lot more than a methodology, peer research involves a much more radical questioning of long-held beliefs about research. These include who has the power to decide who can be a researcher, what counts as research, and what is researched and how.

We have found that taking a peer research approach benefits a project’s design, delivery and outputs. For example, peer researchers can: 

  • shape a research strategy so it is more meaningful to people it seeks to serve,
  • ensure that research questions get more rich and relevant responses,
  • be a relatable and authentic when conducting fieldwork,
  • draw on their own experience of the system and their local context and,
  • be powerful advocates for the research findings and support dissemination.