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Our NHS Lived Experience Team

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An innovative model

As part of our support for the NHS we have developed this innovative model that is already impacting on national decision making. Our Lived Experience Team is drawn from across England and together its members have diverse experience of the vulnerabilities common among those who are regularly in contact with the criminal justice system.

What peer support should look like

They’re defining what peer support should look like. Our Lived Experience Team members are using their unique perspectives and insights to co-design peer support in liaison and diversion services, building on our many years of development of this ground-breaking model.

Workshops and consultations

Our team members run workshops and consult with wider groups. For example they took a leading role in the work led by KPMG with the Offender Health Collaborative to assess the possible options for integrating liaison and diversion with related health and justice services. This work informed a strategic review of the national service.
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An advisory board

Our Lived Experience Team advise the national Liaison and Diversion Programme and are also members of its governance group.

Assurance to the NHS

Team members are developing a model that allows service users to judge the quality of services provided by the NHS, helping to ensure that they are appropriate for the real-word needs of people with multiple and complex problems.

A supported team

The Revolving Doors Agency gives the team consistent support. This begins with initial recruitment and subsequent training in skills such as facilitation, peer research and power and influence. We support the advisory board in its meetings and work with team members to co-write their reports.