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Tracey's Story

I started struggling with alcohol when my son died, and it went on to be a struggle for years after that.

Eventually, I asked my GP for help and he referred me to local Wandsworth alcohol services, who have supported me to this day. They equipped me with the tools to cope with daily life.

I hope to make people's journeys through services a better experience

Tracey Wilson - Member of our forum

Why I joined Revolving Doors

I became involved with Revolving Doors because through the research I hope to make people's journeys through services a better experience.

From my experience breaking addictions is not easy, and there are things that could be in place to better support people. These are things that an outsider might consider 'minor', but these are 'major' for addicts and can lead to relapses.

Would you like to get involved?

If you have experience of the cycle of personal crisis and crime and would like to use your experience to help others we’d like to hear from you. Call our Experts by Experience Line on 020 7407 0747 and we’ll aim to call you back within three working days.


How people with experience of the revolving door offer solutions to help others