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Offender Health Collaborative

Revolving Doors is part of the Offender Health Collaborative, supporting the roll out of liaison and diversion services

The national Liaison and Diversion Programme was set up in response to the 2009 Bradley Review. Liaison and diversion places mental health support directly into police custody and courts, meaning that people coming into early contact with the criminal justice system who have mental health problems and other health and social care needs will be better identified and referred into the support they need.

The national programme is a cross-government initiative delivered by NHS England. The programme was created to provide a consistent and cohesive approach to liaison and diversion across England.

The first wave of 10 liaison and diversion schemes was established from April 2014. A second wave of 16 schemes went live from April 2015, bringing national coverage up to 53%. The programme intends to roll out liaison and diversion across the remainder of England by 2020/21, subject to further evaluation.


Our work so far as part of the OHC includes:

  • Providing direct, practical support to schemes across the north east of England, north west, and Yorkshire and Humber.
  • Leading on providing lived experience input to the programme, through the national Lived Experience Team. This includes input to programme governance and the co-design of a peer support model for liaison and diversion services.
  • Undertaking research with schemes on training requirements to support ongoing implementation.
  • Helping to design the operating model on which national service specification is based, using our experience and knowledge, and the input of RDA's service user forum. 

Our role in the OHC builds on years of experience working for better mental health support within the criminal justice system.

In 2011-2012 our Big Diversion Project undertook a comprehensive analysis of the liaison and diversion services already in the North East region.

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