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Street Talk Case Study

In 2013-14 Revolving Doors carried out an evaluation of Street Talk

Street Talk is a small charity that provides mental health care to women involved in street-based sex work and women who have been victims of trafficking in London.

Street Talk provides a range of support including one-to-one counselling, group therapy, mediation, advocacy and expert witness at court, in addition to practical support.

In the office

Our Role

Our evaluation worked collaboratively with the Street Talk team to develop a Theory of Change for the organisation and made suggestions for moving forward.

Alongside this, our literature review considers the available research on the needs of the client group.

Our Findings

Our evaluation found that Street Talk:

  • is deeply valued by the clients it supports
  • is filling a gap in the service landscape for this vulnerable group
  • has the potential to develop and grow – and we have put forward a number of recommendations on how to do this.

The evaluation report highlighted the significant barriers women in crisis face in accessing mainstream mental health services

Services like Street Talk are crucial in addressing the multiple and complex needs experienced by women, particularly in supporting women to move forward from multiple and prolonged experiences of trauma.

“Researchers approached the client group with great respect and sensitivity, gaining their trust, with the result that those women who took part in the research had a positive experience and felt that their voice had been heard. The researchers were thorough and extremely generous with their time. The communication with Street Talk was excellent and the evaluation felt like a collaborative project.

The researchers were able to understand the many complexities of providing care for this client group. In addition they were able to make suggestions for the strategic development of the charity which were very useful. The publication of the research has enabled us to leverage funding and other forms of support.”


Pippa Hockton, Street Talk Director

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