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St Mungo's Case Study

Evaluating three services

Revolving Doors is currently commissioned by St Mungo’s to evaluate three of their services in Bristol.

Our five-year evaluation of the Assertive Contact and Engagement (ACE) service is into its second year and we have recently worked with the Sanctuary service to begin a year-long evaluation. We will soon begin an evaluation of the St Mungo’s evaluation of St Mungo’s Bristol Men’s Mental Health Crisis House.


Our role

Integral to all our evaluations is the inclusion of staff and service user perspectives.

Our work with St Mungo’s is directly related to our mission to improve services and systems for people facing multiple and complex needs.

The ACE service

The overall aim of the ACE service is to improve the psychological wellbeing of people living complex and chaotic lives.

Our first stage ‘scoping period’ established a series of critical success factors for ACE’s operation, delivery, context and design. We view these factors as crucial to the service meeting its aims and objectives and succeeding over the long term in reducing health inequalities and ensuring people from excluded groups get the help they need.

Our findings were obtained through in-depth interviews with service users, staff, and key partners and external stakeholders of ACE; workshops, observation and discussion; and analysis of some quantitative data drawn from ACE’s customised database and NHS databases.

Part of our evaluation framework for St Mungo’s ACE included in-depth exploration of how frontline staff are supported, skilled and resourced to build effective trusting relationships with their clients. We understand this to be critical to ACE success.

Our experience has made us deeply aware that service users value quality relationships between staff and clients, in which service users feel respected and appreciated. However, we are also aware that being at the frontline of work that is emotionally demanding and resource intensive.

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