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Lambeth Case Study

Action research evaluation in Lambeth

Lambeth’s Safer Neighbourhood Partnership commissioned Revolving Doors to undertake a 9 month action research project involving three criminal justice services in Lambeth including a drugs assessment and referral service, an Integrated Offender Management service for repeat offenders, and a community based Women’s Centre.

In the office

Our role

The project involved service users, staff and wider stakeholders in developing and testing a ‘theory of change’ for each service. This involved:

  • Developing a series of assumptions on how change is achieved, and why
  • Comparing this to observation and interviews with service users
  • Comparing our findings to research on effective interventions;
  • Developing understanding of the value for money provided by the services

Based on our findings we made recommendations on areas for improvement for each service. Our recommendations led to stronger partnerships between the services and to an improved commissioning and monitoring process which better reflected the multiple needs of people using these services.

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