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Revolving Doors Agency releases new podcast that highlights the role of Police and Crime Commissioners in helping to break the cycle of crisis and crime.

Spotlight – a new podcast from Revolving Doors Agency – brings together Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) with people with lived experience to demonstrate the need for joint action on mental ill health, drug and alcohol abuse, homelessness, domestic abuse and inequalities facing young adults.

The podcast showcases five PCCs making a real difference to people’s lives by working creatively at a local level, encouraging and strengthening partnerships, linking with health and other community-based services. 

Contributors to the podcast include:

  • The PCC for West Midlands, David Jamieson, on Heroin Assisted Therapy, a public health approach to reducing substance misuse related offences;
  • The PCC for Kent, Matthew Scott, on improving support for people with mental ill health when they come into contact with the police;
  • The PCC for Northumbria, Dame Vera Baird, on diversionary support pathway and a whole system approach across six Northeast forces to transform responses to domestic abuse.
  • The PCC for Durham, Ron Hogg, on the use of deferred prosecutions for young adults;
  • The PCC for Cambridgeshire, Jason Ablewhite, reducing homelessness and developing clearer housing pathways for people in the criminal justice system;
  • Revolving Doors Agency’s Forum members, Sat and Ally.


Christina Marriott, Chief Executive of Revolving Doors Agency said: 

PCCs sit on a fault line of a number of different systems and budgets. This offers them a real opportunity to forge and drive new local partnerships, for example across criminal justice, health and housing. Effective partnerships should focus on preventing the revolving door – ensuring people don’t fall through gaps in services or end up reaching crisis point before they get help.

Laurie Hunte, Criminal Justice Programme Manager, Barrow Cadbury Trust said:

Police and Crime Commissioners are at the forefront of emerging ideas in criminal justice. This podcast by the Revolving Doors Agency provides a unique insight into the challenges in our community and the creative approaches by PCCs and Voluntary and Community Sector organisation to solve them.

This work has been kindly funded by the Barrow Cadbury Trust. Revolving Doors is a member of the Transition to Adulthood Alliance – a coalition of organisations brought together by the Barrow Cadbury Trust to develop and promote evidence of effective policy and practice for young adults  at all stages of the criminal justice system.

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