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Revolving Doors Agency published its analysis of the relationship between poverty, trauma and multiple disadvantage in October 2018[1].  The literature identified during this work, point to links between poverty, complex needs and trauma – particularly childhood trauma.  Our own research with 20 people with multiple complex needs underlined the existing literature finding high levels of income and material deprivation, adverse childhood experiences and community violence experienced by all interviewees.  We want to understand these complicated relationships better to both inform the field but also to understand how to better engage with solutions.  To this end we are building a collection of essays that draw together existing evidence and experience of this field.

Revolving Doors Agency wishes to receive proposals for papers which will form an edited collection of essays on the subject of ‘the Interconnectedness of Poverty, Trauma and Multiple Disadvantage’. The aim of this essay collection is to bring together the evidence base and provide a thoughtful and provocative analysis of its impact – or equally lack of impact - on research and policy, including an assessment of what gaps remain in the evidence base.  

What can papers be about?
While Revolving Doors Agency would like some focus on the criminal justice system, papers are also invited with a wider range of subject and organisational focus to reflect the interconnected nature of severe social harms – including issues such as (but not confined to) homelessness, mental health, substance misuse, violence and abuse both in adult and childhood.  We also welcome submissions that challenge the interconnectedness of Poverty, Trauma and Multiple Disadvantage.

Both policy and research papers are encouraged.  Papers involving any discipline and methodology will be welcome. Individual papers can be on any topic of interest which relates to the ‘interconnectedness of Poverty, Trauma and Multiple Disadvantage’.  However, the collection aims to ensure it publishes high quality papers that could potentially inform research, policy and practice beyond the context of that in which the original work is undertaken.  In particular, proposed papers need to include:

  • A theoretical framework on which they are based (where relevant)
  • A clear understanding of how literature critically relates to the topic researched, the policy analysis or discussion
  • Strong design and analysis
  • Critical analysis and recommendations for further research, policy and practice.

Papers that support the findings of empirical research, or papers which provide critical literature reviews of research on specific topics will also be welcome.
How are Potential Papers assessed for inclusion in the Essay Collection?

Please complete a short on-line form which will contain an outline of the paper for consideration.  Please complete by May 31st 2019.  

Papers will be assessed for their suitability (in terms of its relevance and fit with other submitted proposed papers) for inclusion in the Essay Collection by a panel which will include academic and policy experts in the field as well as people with Lived Experience.  Completed papers will be subject to a peer review process which will include Lived Experience input.

Revolving Doors Agency will publish these essays as a collection.  We will also plan to convene a national conference for academic, policy and practitioners to mark the publication of the collection.

Please contact Dr. Ann Hanrahan if you need further information.