You are here: Burcu Borysik appointed as Head of Policy

Revolving Doors is delighted to announce the appointment of Burcu Borysik as our new Head of Policy. Burcu will be taking over responsibilities in the months ahead. Nathan Dick, the current post-holder, will be stepping down from his role after he and his family recently moved to Canada. Nathan will remain involved with Revolving Doors.

We are currently recruiting a replacement for the Policy Manager role.

Statement from Burcu:

“I am delighted to be appointed as the Head of Policy at Revolving Doors. My last three years at Revolving Doors has been a truly rewarding experience. I am incredibly proud that our policy work and campaigns  Short-sighted, Capital Gains and New Generation Policing have achieved real world impact. I look forward to building on our track record and continue to push for our ambition to create a smarter justice system through research and lived experience insight.”

 Statement from Nathan:

“Revolving Doors is such an amazing place to work, my time here has been inspiring and thought provoking. I am pleased to be handing the baton to Burcu, who I’ve been lucky enough to work with over the past 15 months in her role as policy manager. She is absolutely the right person to take on this work, under the leadership of our brilliant new CEO, Pavan Dhaliwal. Burcu has the passion and insight to drive Revolving Doors forward, she is an asset to the charity and to the wider sector. Despite my move to Canada I plan to stay closely involved with Revolving Doors in other ways and will continue to press for criminal justice reform.