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The Knot – recommendations for OPCCs

28th May 2021

This blog captures our presentation to OPCCs about the needs of young adults. We explored the key recommendations for OPCCs to consider when developing their police and crime plans.

How should we treat our peer mentors?

14th April 2021

Russell Webster in partnership with the Revolving Doors Agency, conducted an online survey into the experiences of service users who go on to volunteer as peer mentors or any other role with helping services.

The knot – responding to poverty, trauma and...

17th February 2021

A new essay collection, kindly supported by Lankelly Chase, that explores the knots between poverty, trauma and multiple disadvantage and how we, as service providers, policymakers, researchers and people with lived experience, can better make sense of and start to untangle these knots.

Our New Generation campaigners call for police...

9th February 2021

Our new research shows that young adults and the wider public want to see police reform. Young adults want their health and human needs to be prioritised so that they do not unnecessarily get dragged into the criminal justice system.

Support to improve the policing of young adults

18th November 2020

Today the Police Foundation and Revolving Doors Agency launch a Knowledge Exchange Network that brings together police Inspectors and Chief Inspectors from across England and Wales to co-create new and better ways of policing young adults aged 18-25.

Creating the NECG Strategic priorities

13th October 2020

The NECG’s approach and priorities were developed between August and December 2019. They aim to capture the most important issues for people using Fulfilling Lives services. NECG members consulted their wider lived experience group to best ensure views are representative.

Police-led diversion – the LEAD approach

1st October 2020

Revolving Doors Agency is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Public Defenders Association to promote a new approach to police-led diversion that we believe can better prevent the revolving door of crisis and crime.

A fresh focus for PCCs: Trauma, poverty and...

21st September 2020

Today, Revolving Doors publishes a review of strategies and activities led or supported by Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) to address the impact of trauma and poverty among people who are in, or at risk of entering, the revolving door.

Shifting the research landscape: peer research

28th August 2020

A lot more than a methodology, peer research involves a much more radical questioning of long-held beliefs about research. These include who has the power to decide who can be a researcher, what counts as research, and what is researched and how.

Letter: Once in a generation opportunity to...

21st August 2020

We have a once in a generation opportunity to prevent the cycle of crisis and crime. Our strong coalition, led by Revolving Doors Agency and our Patron Lord Patel of Bradford, are committing to action that prevents young adults being pulled into the cycle of crime and crisis and diverting them away, into a better life.