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Peers who volunteer: supporting people with lived...

16th November 2021

This blog details the publication of a guide we have co-developed alongside Russell Webster and a team of experts by experience for best supporting people with lived experience who use their lived experience in volunteering roles.

The importance of person-centred language

7th September 2021

In this blog one of our probation lived experience team members reflects on the importance of using neutral and person-centred language to build the honest and trusted relationships necessary for good probation practice.

The Knot – recommendations for OPCCs

28th May 2021

This blog captures our presentation to OPCCs about the needs of young adults. We explored the key recommendations for OPCCs to consider when developing their police and crime plans.

How should we treat our peer mentors?

14th April 2021

Russell Webster in partnership with the Revolving Doors Agency, conducted an online survey into the experiences of service users who go on to volunteer as peer mentors or any other role with helping services.