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Action Research

Our highly collaborative approach combines sound academic principles with the real world experience and perspectives of our team members.

A new kind of insight

Our evaluations bring you new insights based on the combined inputs of your staff members, the lived experience of our team and, very importantly, the experiences of your service users.

The way we involve service users in our work goes far beyond simple interviews. They may inform the design stage, for example, and they may carry out research on our behalf. In all cases their experience is placed right at the heart of every evaluation we carry out, which is a key feature of the service we provide.

Our collective lived experience quickly builds rapport

Team members at the Revolving Doors Agency have worked as commissioners, practitioners or policymakers in housing, homelessness, drugs and alcohol, criminal justice and mental health.

This means that we’re able to forge open and frank relationships with staff and service users based on mutual respect and understanding. Clarity of communication greatly increases both the honesty and the depth of our evaluations.

Peer research adds an extra dimension to our evaluations

Where appropriate we can reinforce the research expertise of our core team with those who have particular lived experiences – either members of our existing trained peer research team or drawn from your own service users.

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